We love hearing your Sodashi stories. 

Thank you to our beautiful customer, Nadera, for sharing her amazing Sodashi experience.

Since my adolescent years through to my late twenties, I have had the worst possible acne and oil-prone skin which has left me skeptical towards skin care products, not to mention incredibly self conscious. However when I made the change to Sodashi, I noticed a difference in how my skin felt after the first wash – instead of feeling tight and sore, it felt soft and velvet-like.

I love the natural ingredients Sodashi utilises in order to balance the skin and when I use the Balancing Face and Neck Moisturiser, I honestly think it’s like I am watering my face!

I have stopped wearing makeup completely. I feel amazing in my own skin!

I no longer have an oil problem, and describe my skin as “normal”. I love using the Rejuvenating Serum every night with my gua sha tool. I cannot believe the difference in my skin!

Rejuvenating Serum

But nothing gives me more pleasure than using the Enzyme Face Polish every Sunday night. I always whip it out when my girlfriends stay over and convert them all to become Sodashi lovers!

I don’t mind forking out a little extra for these high quality products. They are packaged extremely well and I have become obsessed with my morning and night Sodashi rituals.